Byzantine Theology

Byzantine Theology

For most American women, college is where we form our sexual identities. Much of what I heard about sexual politics at Syracuse was complicated. These girls, most with hair as long and sleek as Afghan hounds and waists smaller than possible without extreme calorie restriction the new euphemism for anorexia , loved to talk about the ins and outs of hooking up and dating, though none of them had been on more than a few dates the kind involving dinner or a movie in their college careers. The obsessive precision with which these girls handled their own lives, their schoolwork, their social media profiles, their waistlines, and their never-stained sweatshirts often decorated with Greek letters decorating the front, disappeared when guys were involved. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below In fact, they resisted putting labels on anything to do with sex. Compared to the rigidity of their social lives, which were organized around events in the Greek system, their sex lives were completely casual — and, for many, chaotic. The attitude toward protection is casual too; fear of AIDS has diminished, STDs are usually treatable, and guys care even less than they used to about contraception, say these girls. I left the house. It was so rude.

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A sidesplitting polemicist for the most awful situations. Her acerbic, raw honesty on the page — often punctuated with all-caps comic parenthetical asides — unflinchingly recounts experiences such as the humiliating intrusion of explosive diarrhea on romantic and borderline-romantic interludes. Her writing is both confident and self-deprecating and will strike readers in that perfectly relatable space between glorious confidence and average self-doubt.

Essays about how much she despises her cat and an ill-timed gastronomical adventure are mind-blowingly hilarious, as are her musings on the great outdoors, her hypothetical Bachelor application, and Zumba. A boisterous medley of awkward sex, pop culture obsession and coming-of-age. Irby is hilarious and poignant and human, and she knows how to tell a damn good story.

Carousing is a term for boisterous socializing and merrymaking that often involves drinking and sex. The word comes from the German interjection garaus which means “time to leave the bar.” The English adopted the word and used it to mean “the practice of sitting around drinking until closing time.”.

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Byzantine Theology after Chalcedon. C onstantinople, the great cultural melting pot, the “New Rome” and capital of the empire, did not produce any real outstanding theologian in the fifth and sixth centuries; but the city witnessed the great theological debates of the day since their conclusion often depended upon imperial sanction.

The bishops of Constantinople and their staffs however were still able to defend explicit theological convictions, even against the imperial will, as the lonely pro-Chalcedonian stand adopted by the patriarchs, Euphemius and Macedonius II , under the reign of the Monophysite emperor Anastasius, bears witness. Thus, a theology, which can be termed specifically “Byzantine” in contrast to the earlier currents of Eastern Christian thought and centred mainly in Egypt and Syria, comes into being during the post-Chalcedonian period.

It would have seemed that no individual figure played a decisive role in the formation of this theology, and one could be equally hard-pressed to locate any school or other intellectual centre in the capital where the theological thought was creatively elaborated.

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Something very strange is going on in this world. The more knowledge we accumulate, the more confused we get. The more conveniences we invent, the less time we seem to have. The more pleasures we create, the more pain we need to confront. The questions appear to engulf us. The answers seem so elusive. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. Or at least we try to. But more often than not, the questions come with us.

Gnawing at us…reminding us that we are not really at peace. When contradictions abound, we are perplexed and in need of direction, clarity, and understanding. The voices within us never really go away. The “mute” button may be on and the “white noise” might be deafening, but the doubts still lurk in the distance and the uncertainties never really fade away. When will I be truly happy with my life?

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She wanted to punch Daniel in his smug face for that one. A lot less so when Daniel and Mark had gotten ahold of it and decided it was the funniest thing in the world to imagine her trying to get a date to the coveted fund-raiser. Because apparently the idea of her having a date at all was the pinnacle of comedic genius. I can get a date, jackasses. You want to make a bet? That exchange had seemed both enraging and empowering about an hour ago.

Once Hollywood’s most irresistible woman—wed to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, and Frank Sinatra—by Ava Gardner was nearly broke, ravaged by illness, and intent on selling her memoirs.

Doing gender in drinking varies by the geographical areas and the drinking places. Abstract In this article we analyze how Finnish, Italian and Swedish men and women are doing, modifying and unlinking gender in relation to different drinking places and situations. In the study, Finland and Sweden represent the Nordic intoxication-oriented drinking cultures, whereas Italy, in turn, represents the Mediterranean meal drinking cultures.

The data were collected in a similar way in Finland, Italy and Sweden from to , covering four different age groups. From each country at least eight male and eight female groups were selected, i. In the analysis we emphasize the flexibility of doing gender and the possibility of challenging conventional gender performances. We assume that doing gender is a multi-dimensional process mediated by structures, hierarchies, identities, situations and agency.

Our analysis presents a mosaic repertoire of masculinities and femininities that change shape depending on how the place is seen in terms of a drinking space or situation. The masculinities and femininities are not reducible to any single hierarchy of dominant and subordinate masculinities and femininities. Previous article in issue.

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There was the first, flip decision to do it, followed by the second, more serious decision to actually do it, and then the long third beginning, composed of weeks of shopping and packing and preparing to do it. There was the driving across the country from Minneapolis to Portland, Oregon, and, a few days later, catching a flight to Los Angeles and a ride to the town of Mojave and another ride to the place where the PCT crossed a highway.

At which point, at long last, there was the actual doing it, quickly followed by the grim realization of what it meant to do it, followed by the decision to quit doing it because doing it was absurd and pointless and ridiculously difficult and far more than I expected doing it would be and I was profoundly unprepared to do it.

And then there was the real live truly doing it.

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Ancient fountains[ edit ] Hellenistic fountain head from the Pergamon museum Ancient civilizations built stone basins to capture and hold precious drinking water. The ancient Assyrians constructed a series of basins in the gorge of the Comel River, carved in solid rock, connected by small channels, descending to a stream. The lowest basin was decorated with carved reliefs of two lions.

The ancient Greeks used aqueducts and gravity-powered fountains to distribute water. According to ancient historians, fountains existed in Athens , Corinth , and other ancient Greek cities in the 6th century BC as the terminating points of aqueducts which brought water from springs and rivers into the cities. In the 6th century BC, the Athenian ruler Peisistratos built the main fountain of Athens, the Enneacrounos, in the Agora , or main square.

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: But their online profiles revealed some affinities so they decided to meet for half an hour to test the waters. Neither one wanted to suffer hours of unnecessary information exchange, their fact-storing capacities being limited. They endured their junior high school awkwardness and lingered for an hour drinking tea at a luncheonette that had seen better days on the Upper West Side.

Now at seventy-two she was fully retired.

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Light Requirement – Sun to part shade Soil – Sandy, well-drained Drought Tolerance – High The cultivation of aloe vera presents a number of specific challenges that growers should understand. These challenges most commonly relate to watering, temperature, and soil. If growing an aloe in a container, make sure it has drain holes in the bottom so the plant doesn’t develop root rot from too saturated conditions.

Propagation Aloe vera is easily propagated by removing the developing pups surrounding the mother plant and planting inside a container. The plant also develops seedheads on spent blooms though it can take two weeks to several months for the seeds to germinate. Keep the soil moist and in a sunny location until germination occurs.

Watering Aloe vera is classified as a succulent plant.


Vilma Gonzalez January 29, The doorman knew her on sight, a fact that thrilled her. He swooped in and relieved of her suitcase and small shabby duffle bag that had served as her carryon. He looked cool and crisp in his uniform despite the humidity of the day.

Specifically, it’s a excerpt from Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breastfeeding, and Rachel Sarah explains how she went from nursing her daughter to letting.

Mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. Fires with all the durability of tissues, drinking water with enough germs to contaminate a small rodent colony. She could handle all of it. She had, after all, trained for competing on Survival of the Fittest like she was undertaking a marathon. Reading books, practicing fire building, studying native flora and fauna.

She had the art of survival down pat. What she was not prepared for, however, was a lavish mansion with a manicured lawn and a butler waiting at the door.

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